Monday, 22 February 2016

Wick St Lawrence (again) 19

Not a bad morning for a ride out.  Bit of a cold breeze is the only drawback of the day.  Even had the sun out on the last part of the circuit.  Went in to Weston first to do a little bit of business in town then out to Sand Bay, through Wick St L and back to the pier and along the promenade.

Weston Town Hall

Typical Victorian building, demonstrating the wealth and prosperity of the council at the time.  Weston prospered with the advent of the railways in the mid 19th century so this would have been built at the latter part of that era.  It was designed by Hans Price, a prominent architect in this area.

More Street Art

Travelling around the back streets on my 'business' side of the ride, saw this painting on the wall of the second hand toy shop in the centre of town.  You can buy second hand Lego there as well!

Music Shop

I do need some new drumsticks.  The ones I have have got rather battered on the ends so passing this music shop was an ideal time to get some. Luckily, the stock range was a bit limited but they did have just what was needed.  I also found out where there is a 'open mic' night on a Friday night in Weston so must pay that a visit and see if there is a chance to have a go.

Even more Street Art!

Down by Birnbeck Pier (crumbling away in the distant right of the photo), there is a display of all sorts of graffiti that appeared at the same time as Banksy hit town in the summer.  Most of it was promoting awareness of the sad state of the old pier. The left hand picture was featured on here a couple of days ago and then was entitled 'The angel from my nightmares'.  This one is 'Laska' which Google states is a board game similar to draughts. There you go, that explains that then.

19 miles in total today.

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