Thursday, 11 February 2016

Napton on the Hill Horror 30

That was quite a tough one today. Went out with Graham and Mick and Graham suggested that we go to Napton, to the east of Leamington. When he suggested Napton, I did give a shudder as getting there is hilly in places and the full title of Napton is Napton on the Hill.  The clue is in the name really. For someone who is used to the Somerset Levels is it any wonder that I was dragging behind the other two on a few climbs.  It was also very frosty first thing and, ever cautious, I overdid the layers.  By 11 it was very pleasant in the sunshine.

Napton Post Office

This was our destination.  Met at Graham's house and left Leamington, out through Radford Semele, Long Itchington, Stockton (past my grandaughters but dare not knock in case they were on shifts) and into Napton Village.  Took a circuit round the village avoiding the steep hill and ended up at the village stores and cafe.  Tea and teacake was the order of the day.  Quite a busy little place but then, it is the only shop in the village of over a 1000 population.

Christadelphian  Meeting House 

Setting off after the break came across this meeting house. (Christadelphians do not like the word church for some reason.) Google states there are 50,000 practising Christadelphinians on this planet so it is to be wondered what the congregation of this place must be.  They meet on Sunday at 4 for the breaking of bread and there is a bible address at 6 if you want to find out.
Thanks to Mick for pointing out the viewpoint would be improved with the quaint little thatched cottage in the background. I was wondering who would spot that first!

A tough, to me hilly route but very pleasant once the early frost had gone.  The computer says 29.7. I say 30.

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