Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Old Gits Day 23

Old Gits Day today. We were 'warned' on the Old Gits website to expect disruption after the horrendous wind and rain yesterday but the day's forecast was reasonable (dependant on which weather site you looked at) and 12 completed the usual route.

Rest a bit

After 4 miles, heading out to Banwell, we turned right and climbed a 200' hill to head towards Winscombe on the scenic route.  A couple of spiky bits on this climb which those on electric bikes find fairly easy, but the rest do struggle somewhat.  This is the group resting at the top of the hill prior to descending around the corner.  Gordon, at the back on the left, is the only one of us that is sponsored by a famous supermarket chain.

7 miles to go

Nicely fed and watered at Caffles at Hewish, the troop turn right off the A370 going across country to Weston. Another routine stop to ensure everyone has turned up.

And they are off

Surprising how the day turned out really, the hour before this we cycled along in sunshine and it looked like it might hold up. Spoke too soon as the rain came just as we got home. Lucky or what.

A good ride, 23 miles along the usual route.

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