Sunday, 7 February 2016

Uphill Struggle! 8

Not sure whether to go out today as the weather is so changeable but looking at the forecast and knowing that Storm Imogen (Up to I already and its only just February) is in town tomorrow with 60mph winds, gusting to 80 mph on the SW coast, it seemed like a good idea to get a bit of a ride in today.  Needed some bits in town so going to the shops first ,and then a longer way back home via the village of Uphill, just south of Weston.

Dolphin Square

This site, just south of the town centre near the library and town hall, has been the subject of heated debate for some years now. Previously a market, the site was bulldozed 3 years ago and has been an eyesore ever since.  Now being developed as a shopping and leisure complex, work has started and a 'forest' of pile driven concrete posts have appeared.  These posts, originally about 20' long, have been driven into the soil  and will form the base for the various buildings. Watch this space.

Sovereign Centre

Not that Weston needs too many more shops and cafes, just off the main High Street is the Sovereign Centre, a half decent shopping Mall.

Lifeboat Practice

After visiting the shops, ambled along the promenade before heading to Uphill.  At Knightstone by the Marine Lake the RNLI were doing their Sunday morning training.  It looked like one of the crew was training or practising manoeuvring the half track vehicle and trailer.  Looked very tricky to me but with the difficult ground conditions around the estuary, very necessary.

Carried on then, into the wind and showers, for the little loop around Uphill.  A very cheeky 8 miles today.

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