Friday, 5 February 2016

Around the Knoll 21

Considered not going out today but when the weather brightened about 10 thought why not.  Took the Peugeot out for a spin to see how the gears would perform and headed south, into the wind with the aim of going around Brent Knoll, a 450 ft rocky hillock midway between Weston and Burnham.

Brent Knoll Shop

In the absence of a cafe on this route, called in the village shop for a sugar rush (half a Mars Bar - the rest next time out) it had also been drizzling for some time and welcomed the chance to get inside for 5 minutes.  The lady behind the counter was very friendly and explained how hard it is to make any profit from the shop or the Post Office in these modern times.

Road Closed 1

This was half way along Brent Knoll main street. Loads of closed and diversion signs about but thankfully, pedestrians and cyclists had been considered so could get through.

A project for a mate!

A bit further along the main street  there is this yard full of old farm, and non farm vehicles. My good mate has been looking for some years for an old tractor, preferably a Fordson, to renovate.  This one seems to have been cannibalised to the extent it would no longer be a viable proposition but have sent him the picture. He may not be my mate any more after this!

Road Closed 2

2 miles further on, on the West Road at Lympsham, more closures. No special provisions here but a chat with the engineers smoothed the way through saving a long detour round.  The Old Gits used this road last Tuesday and although the signs were up there was no obstruction. Obviously working somewhere else that day.

Got back into Weston after 21 miles and the roads were dry. Must have been the Knoll causing the precipitation.  Of interest to bird watchers, saw two or three flocks of starlings murmurating over the Levels. I think a telling off is due, that doesnt look right somehow!  And the gears were fine.

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  1. Hi Ken, You can't beat a good murmuration.