Thursday, 4 February 2016

Town Tour 2 5

A copy of the route I did yesterday. Had some jobs to do in town so retraced the route form yesterday so as to get the map back.  A blowy afternoon, but reasonably pleasant.  Surprising how much fog/sea mist was coming in from the sea.

Pier, what Pier?

Cycled along the promenade and couldn't see the Grand Pier until the last minute.  This little stand selling beach goods looks all forlorn in the middle of winter but is a thriving business for someone on a sunny, summer's day.  You can just make out the pier in the middle distance.

Somerset Bike Centre

Can certainly recommend this mechanic for bike repairs.  I called in yesterday to have a link removed which has rectified the fault. I was also short of cash and he only charged £1.75 for a £2 job.  I called in again today to make up the difference.  That deserves a mention on here. If you need a good bike mechanic and you live in Weston get yourself down to George Street and the little garage behind the houses on the left.   

Same as yesterday, 5 miles.

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  1. You're all very welcome - thanks for the recommendation too, regards Ian.