Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Town Tour 5

Just a bimble down to Weston Town this afternoon.  Cycled along the promenade at high tide hoping to get some pictures of waves crashing against the sea wall but Mother Nature let me down.  The high tide was not so high and the wind died down a fair bit so no show for the breaking waves.  Also took the opportunity to find a bike mechanic to check out my derailleurs.  It would seem that the chain was slightly long so for £1.75 he took a link out which solved to risk of any future problems.

Memorial Bench

Sad sight this was. A bench along the Marine Parade with fresh flowers and balloons around it.  The plaque indicates it is in the memory of a Jason Westcott who died at the end of last year. He was 22 years old.  The recent additions are for his birthday which was the 25th Jan.

Tattoo anyone?

Seen in Meadow Street Weston, some more graffiti although no tag or signature on this one. If you do fancy a tattoo or piercing the shop is at number 94.

Just another short one, a fraction under 5 miles.

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