Saturday, 9 January 2016

Weston Wanderings 12

 A shorter ride today to get the weekly mileage up.  Just going a mooch along the beach and into Weston.  Started off with a crowd of supporters (3 of the grandchildren) waving yours truly off. Rode to Uphill and back along the promenade into town.

Bye Grandad!

A bit staged this one. I gave them the nod when I left and good as gold, there they were waiting with Grandma who took the picture.

Down the Beach

The tide was well out so no danger riding down the towards Uphill.  The sand was a bit soft though and against the wind it was a bit harder to make progress than was expected. Only half a mile to the end.

Sand Yachting

On the Uphill end of Weston Beach is an area set aside for sand Yachting. These chaps were having a chin wag before setting the sails. Couldn't hang about waiting for them to get started. They did offer mw a leaflet but this sport is perhaps best left to the experts.

No Through Road

This is the bridle path that leads from Uphill Marina to Accommodation Road at Lympsham.  There is a work being undertaken to renew the old gravel surface to a much smoother, and less potholes hopefully, surface.  There are some kissing gates along this route, it would be a bonus if these were replaced with something more bike friendly.

Not a bad mooch around. The 12 miles took my weekly total up to 112 so job done.

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