Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Old Gits Day 23

Well, I've had much better days than this one!  Out with the Old Gits today, 11 of us altogether for a ride around the usual route.  Weather is not too clever, a strong NW wind, quite cold but no rain was forecast.  The wind made the ride a lot tougher than usual.

Planners beware?

This industrial building is going up, along with quite a few others on the site of the old R.A.F. airfield on the Locking Road at Weston.  Very surprised that the planners allowed such a hideous colour on a new build but quickly realised it is the inner cladding that had been fixed on the steel frame and the outer skin would be going on later.  When it is finished, will have to take another photo.
You may notice the street name is Beaufighter Road.  All the roads on this development are named after WWII aeroplanes which is a nice touch.


A mile further on, on the A371, disaster number 1. A puncture. Checking my rucksack I had 3 inner tubes that fit the other bike and none for this one! Luckily Geoff, in the orange top, had a spare which got me on the road fairly quickly.  10 minutes later, going up the steepest part of Banwell Hill, the chain slipped off when selecting the lowest gear.  Soon put that right but it meant a starting stand from the worst possible spot.  If that wasn't enough, got to Winscombe and the group debated a) a muddy Strawberry Line or b) The clean dry road that runs parallel to it. The road won.  When I stopped to join in the discussion, did not get my right foot out of the cleat in time and tumbled over, landing at the feet of the others. Luckily, only pride was hurt.

The last 7 or 8 miles from the cafe was into the cold wind. I think most of the group were glad to get back. 23 miles covered.

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