Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Churchill Chase 25

Taking a ride out to Churchill this afternoon. Spent the morning sorting out a pile of paperwork that has been accumalting for some time. Very satisfying to get it all sorted and classified.  The day is a lot better than 24 hours ago, the wind has dropped though it is still fairly cold.

Makes me smile!

Don't you just love this firm's name. When I were a lad it would have been called a scrap yard.  Then breakers yard now End of Life Vehicle Centre.

Failed Mission

After getting cold hands on Tuesday, it was time to invest in a pair of inner thermal linings to go inside the gloves I use.  Went first to a specialist bicycle place, the Bicycle Chain a big shop in Weston.  No good. Nearby was an Aldi shop, always good for cheap gear, a lot of cycling stuff often available. No good.  On the way out to Puxton, had to pass a Lidl store, also good for cheap stuff. No good.  Perhaps try Halfords tomorrow.

Nelson Arms, Churchill

Went out through Congresbury, Langford which was about 13/14 miles into the ride.  By this time was getting a bit cold so in Churchill stopped at the Nelson Arms, on the main road, for a cup of tea.  A nice pub but not going there again with a cuppa costing £2. At least I did come out of the place a few degrees warmer.

A nice route that and there is possibility for extensions to it.  25 miles today.

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