Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Old Gits Reversed 22

Old gits Day.  For a change, doing a reverse route of our normal one and starting from a different location, Knightsone Island on the sea front.  Went out via Sand Bay and Wick St Lawrence to the Caffles Tea Room and after tea and toast, back to Weston via Banwell.  Unfortunately the STRAVA did not function on the phone so the picture is a simulation of the route.

Rendezvous point

This was on the sea front at the northern end of the promenade.  You may notice that we are all swaddled up in multilayers of thermals, only because it was below freezing!  The dark shadow in the top right hand corner of the picture is a UFO disguised as a part of a glove.  The ride was good, but cold.  By the end my fingers and toes were quite cold. In places there was ice on the road but thankfully, no-one came off.

22 miles today.

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