Friday, 22 January 2016

Sand Bay Saunter 14

After a wet and dreary start to the day, the weather picked up and after lunch turned into blue sky although the wind was rattling along from the NW.  Left home along the sea front and went along the old Toll Road to Sand Bay. Couldn't work out why the Strava recorded a date two days ago then realised that was the last time an attempt was made to use it.  The map does show a track going through the sea itself but rest assured, that did not happen.

Weston Beach

Setting out along the promenade, the beach looked very pleasant.  It was noticed that the walkers were all wrapped up warm though.  First thing this morning could not see from one end to the other.

Driftwood and Detritus

The recent higher than normal winds have certainly brought in a lot of driftwood and rubbish.  For those with wood burners the pickings are pretty good although what the legal position is about taking wood and other pickings off the beach needs to be considered. Wikipedia also gives the advice that dritwood should not be burnt on woodburners as toxic chemicals may be released!


Another piece of bike street art has appeared, this time at the end of the Marine Lake walkway near to the RNLI shop.  Half of a girls cycle has been bolted to the top of a pole and some art work left on it with the tag 'Bikesy' on it.  This is the third one I have seen now.

A nice ride today despite going into a head wind on the way back.  Just under 14 miles recorded.


  1. Someone's doing public artwork with Bikesy on it? That is so cool, thank you whoever it is!!
    Solid ride by the way!

    1. Thank you. Did not know your site existed. Looks interesting to say the least.