Saturday, 23 January 2016

East Brent Bash 20

Took the old road bike out today, almost forgotten what it rides like.  Needed to adjust to the saddle a bit!  Not a bad day, a bit windy.  Went down to Lympsham, East Brent, Brean and back to Weston.


Saw an article on the local BBC website this morning about roadsigns in Somerset.  The County Council are refusing to maintain or restore them due to the cost despite a lot of campaigning. Their argument is they are no longer necessary with Sat Navs but another argument is that not every one has these machines of the devil and signposts are very reassuring when navigating around the backroads. It would be a pity if they are left to rot away.

More fly tipping

Another email has been sent off to the council.  This rubbish has been in this gateway for some weeks now so it is about time it was shifted.  Looks like some builder has dumped the remnants of a refurbishment project. This was along Accommodation Road on the road back from Brean.

A nice ride of 20 miles made easier on the return leg with a tail wind.


  1. What's that road like to ride,Ken? Driven down it loads when I had the car,but not cycled down there......yet.Had a week off this week,but with one thing and another I've not been out on my bike for a proper ride!

    1. It’s OK. To get there you have to ride along the A370 which can be busy at times. There is an alternative going through Uphill Marina on the bridle path if you don’t mind a couple of kissing gates to go through.