Sunday, 24 January 2016

Train Trax 25

Took the train down to Bridgwater today and cycled back.  It was a mistake to wears long johns and a couple of thermal tops, it was actually fairly mild and by the time I got back home there was a danger of overheating!  The straight line on the map shows the two points where Strava was paused and restarted,

Weston Station

Caught the 1051 train to Bridgnorth. With a 30% reduction for a senior railcard holder, over a few journeys, the £30 annual fee is easily recovered. It is reassuring when the rail staff ask to see it, possibly the poor light in the stations does not reveal all the wrinkles!

Bike space full up

There was no special bike racks on this train, just a space at one end of the carriage. Luckily, the other two cyclists were going to Bridgwater as well so my bike was not trapped behind the others.

Huntspill River

Did not explore Bridgwater on arrival, just headed for the A38 north to head back to Weston. Extended the mileage slightly by diverting off through Woolavington and Mark. Before the village of Mark, crossed the Huntspill River, a man made channel built in 1940 to provide water to a nearby ammunition factory.

Another good ride.  A fraction under 25 miles, 83 for the week. Must try harder!


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  2. Nice shot of the Peugeot. I recently got my 1981 Raleigh out of storage, put 700c wheels and 32mm tires on it, and am enjoying the smooth steel ride. Still lots of work to do on it, but that will be the fun part.

  3. I bought mine from an old boy who had it in his garden for sale £20 ($28). I stripped it down, had it repainted, bought some transfers and use it most of the time now. I do like retro. If I had more space I would do more.