Friday, 8 January 2016

Levels Lollop 27

A much better day than yesterday. Back at Weston, arranged to go out with fellow Old Git Phil.  Took a ride down to the Somerset Levels with the intention of going over to the cafe at Burnham on Sea before returning.

They shall not pass!

Going on to the levels near Mark, we were treated to a few bird treats. 3 buzzards, a little egret, and two herons. We did come across a 'road closed' sign and stopped a motorist travelling from that direction. He assured us there was no problem as there was no-one there.  We carried on, and a mile later came across a complete blockage across the road. Luckily, there was room for us to squeeze past the barriers and the hedge; if we carried them. No real problem.  At the cafe tea and toast was the order of the day and on the return to Weston, diverted slightly to get some fresh eggs from Westcroft Farm.

A good ride out with good company.. 27 miles covered.

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