Saturday, 5 December 2015

Nearly Nailed Nailsea 24

Went to Nailsea today and came back by train.  Quite a strong SW wind blowing and didn't fancy riding 20 miles against that on the return journey.  Nearly Nailsea because this small town has been on my 'bucket list' for some time now and today was the day.  When I arrived in the outskirts of Nailsea, a passer by told me the Rail Station was about 3 or 4 miles outside of town in Backwell.  Checking the time, there was no time to explore, just get to the station quick or it would be an hours wait.  Made it in time.  Will have to come back now to explore the place properly.

Fund Raisers
These characters were on the promenade raising money for the local hospice.  When I stopped and asked for permission to take their picture I was greeted with, "You did us last year!".  If my memory serves me correctly, they were Where's Wallies.  Fair play for their efforts on this windy morning.  Hope to see them next year as well.  They have been Elf and Safety inspected, apart from the big fella!

Cycle Path 26

This is a track off the A370 leading to the Strawberry Line.  This short section is not the original Strawberry Line but a concessionary route through some farm property.  A bit muddy down this bit.

All told, just over 24 miles today.  Wise move to use the train on the return journey, it was quite a battle on the prom going back against the wind.

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