Monday, 7 December 2015

Sandford Saunter 20

Another nice morning, 13 degrees, not much wind, so heading out towards Puxton and Sandford for a spin round in the sunshine.  Made a nice circuit of it by heading back through Banwell and Locking.

Yours Truly

On the way out to 'capture' a Santa Claus that has been spotted in Weston town, bumped into my wife who was walking back from town.  Sue had her iphone at the ready and took this as I sauntered off down the promenade towards town.  Look at that blue sky.


Admittedly only a blow up version, this one was outside a shop near the library.  Bike carefully positioned so that it looks like it is his, not mine.

Railway Inn, Sandford

Run by Thatcher's Cider, this pub stands on the site of the Thatcher's Cider processing plant. It looks very well kept and has been recommended. Another one to have a look at one day.

Novel Pub Sign

Very appropriate use of an old railway signal.  Don't think these are used any more so Thatchers have certainly made use of this redundant one.

Novel Bike Store

Again at Thatchers, presumably these are old cider vats and are now in the car park.

Nice ride this morning, 20 miles all told, a nice warm up for tomorrow's ride out with the Old Gits.

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