Thursday, 3 September 2015

Paralysed Pedal Prevented Pinley Promenade 27

Best laid plans.........  Met up with Mick and Graham at Leamington this morning at Leek Wootton. A route had been sorted, out through Beausale to Pinley Green and back through Hatton to the Locks Cafe. Weather was not too bad, a bit chilly but dry.  Apologies for the quality of the photos, used the i-phone today.


Good Start!

This is 1/2 mile after we started. A shout from Graham at the back that he had a problem and he definitely had. His left pedal was seized up and would not turn round. After a 10 minute stop trying to fix it it was agreed that we would abandon our trip through Pinley, The best option was for Graham to limp, one legged, back to his home and pick up another bike. That worked well on the down hill stretches but walking up the steeper hills drastically reduced our average speed.  Picked up the new bike and went into Warwick for a cup of tea.

St Nicholas Park Cafe

Ended up here instead of Hatton Locks having tea and tea cakes all round. A short time later we went our separate ways, Mick back to Coventry and Graham and I went back to Leamington via Barford and Bishops Tachbrook.  A different days ride to normal but the main thing is, we met up, and had a ride of sorts.

Mick broke 30 miles for the first time and I did 27. Should do the 100 this week.


  1. Morning Ken,

    Good to meet up and I enjoyed the morning, notwithstanding the technical difficulties we had to overcome! Just had a look at the map showing your ride along the Norwegian fiorjd. Looks as if you "rode on water" for a distance. How did you manage that?

    See you again soon.


  2. I know I’m good, but not that good. I had trouble turning the GPS on when I picked the bike up. I stopped after about a mile and checked to see if it was working and I think that is when it actually activated. As a consequence, being on the opposite side of the fjord to the start it drew a straight line across the water.