Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Old Gits Grind 24

After doing nearly nothing for a couple of weeks, felt it this morning when it was time to go out with the Old Gits CC.  Not a bad morning for the weather and we did the usual route around Banwell, Sandford and Puxton.

Caught in the act!

The route takes us through the Strawberry line which diverts slightly through an orchard owned by Thatcher's Cider. We noticed these two teenagers, cleverly disguised as Old Gits, checking to see if the trees had been secured properly. We left them to it.

Good Crop

Looks like a very good crop of apples this year.  Somebody told me that they taste very good as well. Don't know about that. In all probability, looking at the amount of fallers, these will have been picked by the time the Old Gits go through here next week.

Another puncture

Why always me?  The tyre was going down as we went through the orchard and after pumping it up a couple of times, made it to the tea stop in Hewish.  After tea and cake, set to repairing the inner tube. This is Old Gits Phil and Little John trying to find the cause of the trouble. They never did in the end, but many thanks for the help lads.  It is my birthday today and the rules of the club are that Birthday Boys fork out for the drinks. Unfortunately, a total of 12 turned up today.

Ersatz Banksy

With Weston going through a Banksy frenzy at the moment with his Dismaland exhibition at the Tropicana, some other artists have been active in the town. This one is on Scally's Pub, near the sea front and is signed by JPS.  Must look for some more.

A hard ride today after a couple of weeks inactivity but 24 miles done which is good.

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