Friday, 4 September 2015

Levels Loop 32

A late afternoon ride around the Somerset Levels. A couple of cycling buddies from Leamington, Mick and Graham are contemplating coming down for the day sometime in the future for a ride around my patch.  With that in mind, I chose a route today that might be suitable to show off the best of this area and keeping, in the main, to the quiet country roads.  It also takes in my favourite watering hole at Burnham on Sea!

Poor Show

Not much to photograph today, but this old boat has been on my list for some time.  It does seem to be the vogue in the Weston area to use old boats as flowerpots (flowerboats?). These are normally on traffic islands and several have been on here before. This pathetic one is at Brean to the entrance to a farm and has been like this since I started riding around here 12 months ago.  Marks out of a 100?
1 for presentation.  1 for content and 1 for effort.

Top Marks

This one is more like it. On a small traffic island in the village of Uphill, just south of Weston, the locals have gone to town and achieved a very good display. 100 for effort and top marks all round.

32 miles today, an ideal route and distance for the potential visitors.

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