Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Old (and cold) Gits Day 23

What a cold ride that turned out to be. The forecast was chilly at the start then warming up. We met at 8.30 having ridden to the rendezvous point in warm sunshine and from then on in, the temperature seemed to plummet. We did our usual route and stop but by the end, most of us were really feeling the effect of a brisk east wind.

At Caffle's

6 started the ride, 2 more joined in Banwell and 3 others met us at the cafe. One new member joined today and one nearly got last after missing a turn. Luckily someone had his mobile number so he was rescued in time.

Just over 23 miles today. One of the few occasions when it was good to arrive back home and the prospect of a warm shower and a cup of tea (not at the same time).

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