Thursday, 10 September 2015

Burnham Breeze 32

Another 'Indian Summer' day. Took a ride down to Burnham on Sea along the levels and even strayed onto a motorway service area. More about that later. 

Sedgemoor Services M5

Passing over the M5 overbridges, the signs for these services, between junction 21 and 22 are clearly seen. I took a slightly different route today towards Burnham and saw a small lane with an Authorised Vehicles Only sign at the entrance. Being nosey, I had a ride along this quite backwater road and came out at the service area which was easily accesible via an open small gate and a cattle grid. In for a penny, in for a pound, so I had a little ride round and took this picture of the pasty shop near the main entrance. Must admit, got a few funny looks mooching around there.

Mute Swans

Got back onto normal roads and headed out through Mark towards Highbridge. Just leaving Mark at the side of a rhyne was a family of swans. 7 cygnets in all which seemed a lot to me but the books say the average brood is between 5 and 8 so Mr and Mrs Normal. They all seemed very healthy and alert so should prosper well.

A good ride out in the sunshine. The wind has changed significantly, blowing from the south east, which did help on the way back.

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