Friday, 25 September 2015

Clevedon Cruise 35

Arranged to see my eldest daughter today, she lives at Clevedon a small town just north of Weston. A nice day for a ride, warm and sunny. Left out some of the busy roads and used part of the Strawberry Line and the country lanes between Yatton and Clevedon.

Kingston Seymour

With a population of 338 at the last census, this is a small village that lies close to the M5 and the old Clevedon to Yatton railway line. In 1607 it suffered a disastrous flood from the Bristol Channel which rendered a lot of arable land unfit for use for a long time. The photo is of the medieval cross that stands in the 'triangle' in the village centre.

A lotta, lotta milk!

After tea and biscuits at Jacquelines, decided to take the same route back. Before reaching Kingston Seymour again, was held up by a herd of cows crossing the road. After about 20 had gone by, I asked the lady monitoring them how many more were there to come.  The answer was 180! That took some time for them to complete the crossing and is going to take even more time to milk that lot!

Totalled 35 today. A very nice trip out.

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