Saturday, 26 September 2015

Graffiti Gathering 15

Another nice day in Weston. Did 5 miles this morning after helping grandson repair his bike and giving it a test drive through to Uphill on the beach. After lunch went hunting some graffiti that was around the town and after spotting a couple of nicely decorated walls, went for a spin out to Wick St Lawrence and back

The Bear

Just off the square opposite the pier, this piece has been done by a local artist who signs himself JPS. Look by the bears right foot. By using stencils, this bear can be created very quickly in different locations and on the JPS website, there are examples of this in different locations in different countries.

Nightmare on a Weston Street

Another one of JPS paintings. The infamous Freddy Kruger.

Dismal Ballet

Saw this on the way back home in the square opposite the pier. This has to be Banksy inspired, a ballet troupe practising to music supplied by a keyboard player, all the dancers were wearing very odd and weird mouse masks with Disney ears. Very entertaining to watch and they had attracted quite a large crowd.

Just short of 15 miles this trip, adding on the 5 with Tom this morning, the total for the week is 118.

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