Thursday, 24 September 2015

Around the Knoll 20

The day started off pretty rubbish really, the forecasters got it all wrong with the fine forecast materialising as quite heavy rain up until lunchtime. It calmed down after that so went out for a spin around Brent Knoll, a large, 300 foot high lump in the landscape a few miles south of Weston.

Weston Croquet Club

Never noticed this before. Just off the main A370 at Bleadon is the club greens and clubhouse. A few games were in progress and after watching them for a bit, still totally bemused as to what they were trying to achieve. It did look intriguing though. Checked out their website and for £110 a year they will let newcomers join and show them the mysteries of the game. With all kit thrown in and no green fees not a bad deal really.

Bleadon Cafe

Just opposite the club is the cafe which the croqueteers (is that what they are) use for their club teas etc. Too near home for me to use.

A windy 20 miles today.

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