Sunday, 12 July 2015

Weston in the Wet 3!

Fixed a puncture in the mountain bike and went out for a quick spin round to give it a bit of a test. Went past the Beach Lawns where the Emergency Services were setting up a display.

1972 Fire Engine

Sorry about the quality of this picture, the subject deserves far better.  Had real trouble downloading this from my phone. This is a 1972 Dorset Fire Engine that was found in a field in a really dilapidated state. After many years of loving restoration this has been restored so it looks as if it has just come out of the factory. The family of the owner can be seen polishing, and I mean polishing, using proper wax polish and loads of elbow grease, till it was gleaming. The lad volunteered holding the bike, it was best not to get too near the engine.

Cancel the bad picture. Done it at last!

Just after this was taken, the rain came down and I abandoned the ride, hence only 3 miles today. Disappointing as I was 6 short of the 100 target.


  1. When you do the Great Weston Bike Ride, do you intend stopping every five minutes to take a photo? Coz if you do, you know you won't win!!
    Good luck anyway.


  2. Thanks Les. It is not a race at all, it is part recreational, part sponsorship based event. The charity is prostate cancer but I am not collecting this year. The finish is about a hundred yards from our place, we get bussed out to the start (at a price!)