Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Old Gits Day 24

That was a surprise. The forecast was for rain this morning, getting heavy around midday. We all took wet weather gear in our rucksacks and panniers and never saw a drop! In fact, towards the end, about 12, the sun was coming out. There were 11 of us today doing the usual route.

Thatcher's Advert

As we came off the Strawberry Line at Sandford, there seemed to be a lot of activity on the Puxton Road. Quite a few vans and people were almost blocking the road and it was the local cider company, Thatcher's, making a promotional video to be screened as an advert in the Autumn. I did ask if I could take a photo and whilst waiting for an answer, snapped this. The answer, when it came back, was no. So you are having a world premiere preview of an elderly couple arguing in a car.

Another puncture!

This time, not so disastrous. At the end of Puxton Road, noticed the back tyre was getting soft. Only about 200 yards from the cafe stop, I left it till we got there and repaired it. Little John gave the technical advice during the repair and, in all fairness, helped to pump it up when finished. 

A good ride today apart from a flat tyre. 24 miles in all.

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