Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wick Wander 16

Easy one today. Left knee was niggling a bit so, with a big ride coming up in a weeks time it was prudent to cat the planned 25 miles short and stay on the flat. Just went out through Weston to Wick St Lawrence and back.

Beach Event 1 

This has been some days in setting up, it is the Corona Sunset, an electronic music event on the beach being held today. The promenade has been closed as has a fairly large section of the beach. I would have liked to have gone in and taken photos of the stage etc but at £30 a throw I will leave it to your imagination. Expecting loud music and bright lights tonight. Rave on Weston.

Beach Event 2

This one has appeared overnight and is a Beach Volley ball tournament. I think it is an event that tours round the coast of England performing on, well, beaches.  There are about 5 courts all together, this one, by the aquarium, is the main one.

Mooooove Over

Out in the sticks near to Wick, turned a corner to find this lot.  It was well managed, they hadn't escaped or anything, just being mooooved from field to field. Discretion is the better part of valour so it was a good time to take a breather and watch the show.

A gentle 16 miles all told.

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