Monday, 1 June 2015

Banwell Bounce 18

Took the phone in for repair on the way out to todays ride so no map of the route is available. Went a leisurely ride out to Banwell to waste the hour and a half it would take to fit a new screen.

Donkey Street Art

Seen out on the Locking Road, a tribute perhaps to Weston's long history with the donkey. They have been part of the beach scene since tourism started nearly 200 years ago.  Very imaginative, the flowers spilling out of the upturned cart.

Brook Cottages, Banwell

Left Weston and went out through Puxton along the river road to Banwell. A very pleasant ride and fairly sheltered from the wind that is picking up.  These cottages, on the outskirts of Banwell, look idyllic nestled alongside the River Banwell.

A Snack in the Mouth

What a brilliant name for a snack bar.  This one is on the A371, is just up the from the Helicopter Museum.   The Weston Old Gits pass this every week but have never stopped there. As I was getting towards the end of today's ride it seemed a shame not to call in for a cup of tea.  Two very nice ladies behind the counter and the prices seem very reasonable. They are sympathetic towards cyclists so do call in and have a chat with them.

A modest 18 miles today. It is going to be stormy later so best sort out the spin early today. Phone all done when I called in on the way home so should be back to normal again tomorrow.

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