Sunday, 31 May 2015

Locking Leap 14

Done more than my target mileage this week so just going out for a saunter round. At the same time check out the phone shops, one silly cyclist dropped his phone yesterday and cracked the screen. Went into town first and arranged that for the morning then went out towards Banwell and came back on the Locking Road.

Motocross part 2

Riding past the event, I noticed that there were several cartoon characters wandering around inside the entertainment area. Mickey Mouse, a Ninja turtle, a Minion and Olaf from Frozen. They were meeting and greeting the customers as some sort of PR initiative. I used all my charm and friendly persuasion with a security guard and later the ticket office to try and get in top take some photos.  Failed. Had to make do with another shot of the riders from outside the security area.

14 miles today. That makes 126 for the week and 421 for the month,  the best of the year so far.

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