Saturday, 30 May 2015

Beach Patrol 12

Picked up the repaired bike today and what a difference the new gears are. Makes the hills a lot easier.  There is a big event on the Weston  beach this weekend, a motocross event so went down and had a look at that.

Over the Jumps

Some different races going on today. Motorbikes, beach buggies, monkey bikes and these, the quad bikes. The jumps are not as big as the September event but still fairly spectacular when they are taken at speed.

Up the Villa

Big day in the football calender, the F.A. Cup and my favourite team are taking part. Hence the football shirt. A passer by took this for me.

Tight Lines

The tide was coming in and that is the time for the fisherman to get on the beach and cast their lines out. Whilst taking this shot, the far one caught a reasonably sized flounder. Fish and chips for tea in one household at least.

12 miles today. Needed to get back to watch the match on the TV.

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