Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Old Gits Glide plus a bit 26

Tuesday is Old Gits day. The forecast is a bit grim so taking full wet weather gear in a rucksack. It was a reasonable start so did not need it initially. We did the normal route but included a slight detour through Christon and Webbington which added about 2 miles onto the journey (not to mention a couple of extra steepish hills).

Curious Beasts

Well not that curious. Stopped at the top of Banwell Hill for a breather and ensure everyone was OK and these young calves came to the fence and took an interest in the group. That was until I went to take a photo of them, they all cleared off then.

Victorian Post Box Christon

Christon is an ancient village on the south west tip of the Mendip Hills. Most of the buildings are very old and the church dates back to the 13th century.  Going down one of the hills, spotted this Victorian post box, still in use today by the look of it.

Village Pump

This would have almost been the central point in the Christon in years gone by. Now just a feature since the advent of piped water.

Rest for 5

Through Christon and Webbington, past the hotel and cut across the side of the hill towards Winscombe to pick up our usual route. Most of the Old Gits stopped for a breather after a couple of half decent climbs. All down hill from here to the cafe.

With the added miles, a total of 26 miles today.  The rain kept off as well which was a bonus. Just started as home came in sight.

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