Sunday, 24 May 2015

Weston Woods Wander 14

A bit of a dull day after yesterday but nice and dry. I saw an article on Facebook about some Monks Steps at Kewstoke with a statue of a monk nearby. That was the target for the day.  Not too far to go for this one.

VW motor display

This was on the Beach Lawns adjacent to the promenade at Weston and it was a gathering of Volkswagon vehicles of all shapes and sizes from beach buggies to camper vans. A lot of vehicles on display, just a pity that the weather was not kinder for them.

Lifeboat Training

This is usually held on a Sunday morning near to the Marine Lake.  They had finished when I arrived and the mini tractor was hauling the boat back onto land. This one is a bit blurred for some reason.

Good Parking

Going round the coast through Kewstoke this double decker bus has been parked like this for some months now. How on earth the driver got it into this narrow space is beyond belief unless it was trolleyed in on jacks. By the state of it, this will not be moving for some time.

Chopper Rally

Did not know this was on. Heading back home along the prom there were literally hundreds of these choppers parked all over. Some really nice, clean, tidy examples amongst them. Can't say the same about the riders!

I never did find the top of the Monk Steps and the statue. Back home, looking at the map it was clear where I had gone wrong. I rode about 100 yards from it without knowing. Oh well, one for the future. A modest 14 but quite tough miles today, in fact some of the hills were so steep I had to walk!

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