Monday, 25 May 2015

Rooks Bridge Route 20

Bank holiday Monday, very busy around the Weston area so heading out onto the Somerset levels. Another nice day but a chilly wind still.  Still using the mountain bike therefore the mileage is going to be modest.

East Brent Baptist Church

What a pretty little well kept church this is. Nothing about it on Google but the sign by the door indicates it is open every Sunday at 10.30am.


7 miles to go and the back tyre goes down. Tried pumping it up but it was obvious wouldn't get too many miles on it. Rather than try and change the tube at the side of a narrow country road I carried on and stopped in the driveway of a house, Withy Cottage on the West Road to Lympsham. Whilst changing the tube, the lady of the house came out to see if all was OK and made me a cup of tea. What a star she was. Went down very well as the wind was a bit chilly there. Made it home OK once it had been fixed.

19.9 miles on the computer. That is going in my book as 20, so there.

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