Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Old Gits Glide 23

Meeting the Old Gits this morning for the usual spin around Banwell, Winscombe, Sandford, Hewish and back to Weston.  For the first time in ages, the wind is blowing at a sensible speed and the forecast is pretty good.

No Stragglers

To ensure no-one is left behind, as the group does tend to string out a bit, there are regular stopping places to give everyone a chance to regroup.  This one is a Winscombe where we pick up the Strawberry Line to go through to Puxton Lane at Sandford.

Katy's Field

Just before we get to Puxton Lane, the Strawberry Line deviates slightly and by consent, goes through this orchard (owned by Thatchers) and this is some of the group heading their way through the apple trees.  This place is a picture when the blossom is all out but unfortunately, missed it this year.

Bert the Pruner

Just before Hewish, there was a large bramble sticking out into the road. These can cause quite nasty injuries should they catch the face or hands. Bert carries some trusty pruners for such an occasion and they were put to good use so preventing any mishaps to walkers or cyclists.

The Hanging (and not so hanging) Baskets

The Old Gits' watering hole is Caffles, a gardening centre at Hewish near Puxton.  After tea and cake, someone spotted these baskets in a nearby poly tunnel. A good opportunity for a group photo which caused much hilarity. Thanks to guest rider Lisa for taking the picture.

The normal 24 miles in almost perfect conditions.

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