Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Old Gits Outing 24

Out with the Old Gits CC today as it is a Tuesday. Quite a good turnout, 13 in all.  Covered the usual route out to Banwell, Winscombe before the cafe at Hewish.

Dude in the phone box

I checked a couple of days ago, there was no change here but Cecil the Dude's facebook page was updated last night so before the ride proper started, I nipped along to get the latest picture.. Its not Kermit, it is the Hulk.

RCH Brewery

Our normal route takes us out to Hewish where we have tea and cake at the Caffles Garden Centre and cafe.  On the last stage of our ride we pass this little independent brewery on the Wick Road near to Hewish. Interesting history this place, started in a hotel in Weston in 1980 and had to move because the brewery was using all the water leaving none for the hotel or its guests! They moved in 1993 to this old cider press in Wick Road and had to expand again in 1999 because of the demand but stayed at this site. I like the names of some of the beers. Pitchfork, named after the Pitchfork Rebellion, the last battle of the Civil War.  Firebox named by the brewers who are steam train enthusiasts and Old Slug Porter named because the trail left down the glass by the beer is similar to that left by a slug. This goes back to their early days when they had a real problem with slugs getting into the old brewery. These beers and others are well known and respected on the CAMERA circuit and are award winning.

Another good ride with the old boys. A bit windy but sunny 24 miles today.

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