Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick Wander 20

Up visiting in Leamington for a couple of days. The weather was good today so went out as the forecast for Thursday was heavy rain.but unfortunately, my mates were not available today so 'soloed' it.  Took in the two other towns nearest to Leamington which made a nice circuit.

Parish Church Leamington

Taken a lot of pictures in Leamington in the past so took a different view of the Parish Church at the bottom of the Parade.   One of Englands largest parish churches, it rivals many cathedrals for size. There has been a place of worship on this site since the 11th century and the last major build was at the end of the 19th century.  Certainly a fine old building which is still in very active use to this day.

Kenilworth Castle

Could not cycle through Kenilworth without a brief visit to the castle.  This picture does not bring the best out of the old ruins, it was taken from the old jousting area near the Brays car park.


Cycling over to Warwick through my old village of Leek Wootton, the main road was closed and I had to negotiate with some Council workers to carry on through. They took pity on me and that avoided a longer detour.  The fire was at a rather up market building between the school and the large island at Gaveston.  A quick glance at the place showed a rather lot of damage to the roof at least.

Warwick Castle

Again, could not visit Warwick without including its very famous castle, one of the finest examples in England. Now owned by the Tussauds organisation, this is one of the entrances near the Banbury Road.

A pleasant ride round in lovely spring weather. Clocked 20 miles in all.

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