Friday, 15 May 2015

Locking Loop 19

Started off by taking the road bike down to Somerset Bikes to get an opinion on the gears which seem to be running off centre. Found this out the other day when giving it a good clean.  The diagnosis is the wheel lug may be bent from a previous knock meaning the chain is not running true. That explains the occasional clunk from the back mechanism. All booked in for Tuesday.  Meanwhile, taking it easy, went out for a spin around Banwell and Locking via Puxton.

Darth Vader

Seen in Wadham Street, just off the town centre this looks good enough to be a Banksy effort. Don't quite get the message, 'Epic Fail' though.   This was on a building that used to be, I think, the old Tax Office.

The Playhouse Theatre

Quite a good little theatre, been in several times and yet to be disappointed. Saw the comedian Rich Hall there last week, a very funny man.

Mystery Bridge?

Have put this picture on Facebook to see if the locals can guess the location of this quaint little bridge.  Give this a couple of hours and I will update the information.  Some got it!  This is leaving Weston at St Georges going into Bourton Lane and on over the M5 to Hewish.  The bridge goes over the River Banwell.

Banwell Cart Wash

The placard on the wall reads :-  "This wash area (with water supply and water trough now removed) was given to the parish of Banwell to compensate for the loss of access to the waters of the pond when an act of Parliament in 1914 gave the local authority compulsory purchase powers to acquire the spring waters of Banwell and fill in the pond"
Cant wash my bike here then.

A good ride again, risked the gears falling off, and ended up doing 19 miles.

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