Wednesday, 6 May 2015

No News

Not been out for a few days. One reason is the weather, 30+ mph winds from the west with heavy rain showers. The other is, I have been working. For the first time in about 4 years but only for a few days counting votes in the General Election. The first two days have been opening and checking the postal votes, tomorrow will be counting all the votes after the poll closes. Looking forward to that although it may well mean working till the early hours of the morning.
To while away the time here are some shots that have been taken from my balcony over the last few months.

Colour Run

Held recently, a charity run for Weston Hospice where the runners go through clouds of coloured food dye.


The Fire Brigade in Weston have a hovercraft to use on the mud flats should anybody get into difficulties. This was called out last year to a man struggling near the old pier.  The rendezvous point is opposite our place so we get to see all the action.


A common sight, exercising horses on the beach.


We do get some lovely sunsets on a regular basis.

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