Thursday, 7 May 2015

Brean and Berrow Bash 25

The wind has died down a fair bit, no 'work' today, well not till tonight so off for a spin around the south of Weston.

Polling Station

Big day for the country today when a new government is elected. There are about 500 of these polling stations across the country, usually in school, village halls and occasionally in pubs!  This one is in the village hall at East Brean.  I shall be counting the votes tonight, from 9.30 pm until whenever we finish. Never done this aspect of elections before so am looking forward to the hustle and bustle of getting the result out in a timely fashion.

Uphill Marina

Took a slight detour on the way back cutting across Uphill on a bridle path and stopped to admire the view of Brean Down and the little marina at Uphill..

Nice spin out today, 25 miles in total.

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