Sunday, 3 May 2015

Cheddar Changes 34

Left home in the sunshine for a ride into Glastonbury and arrived home in the sunshine having turned back because of the rain and went to Cheddar instead. A nice circuit but the wind was a bit of a nuisance.  

St Mary's Church Wedmore.

Left Weston and went onto the Somerset Levels, through Mark to Wedmore.   Built in the 15th century, the church has a few original paintings on the walls from that time which is unusual, considering the upheavals between the State and the Church that went on after this period.

The Swan Inn at Wedmore

Turned the corner from the church and there was a bunch of cyclists sat outside a pub. Looks good to me.  After 15 miles it was time to stop for a drink.  Not alcohol like this lot were having, just a coke. Did not find them particularly talkative so I drank up and left. The rain was coming down so abandoned to Glastonbury idea and took the road to Cheddar.

Shute Shelve Tunnel

Leaving Cheddar, headed back to Weston via Axbridge on the Strawberry Line a disused railway. Part of this route goes through the Shute Shelve Tunnel a 165 metre long tunnel near the Mendip Hills. Very disorientating going through it as in the centre it seems to be pitch black although there is light either end.

Pro FMX riding.

To advertise the forthcoming beach motorcycle event, a display team have been performing in Victoria Square on the sea front. Jumping over a articulated unit and trailer, the 4 riders were doing all sorts of crazy stunts whilst doing it. 

Here is one I took later when I had a walk down with Tommy, my grandson

 Beach Huts at Weston

These have caused a big debate on social media. The council has bought these and lease them out, on ebay, for 12 months. I think the first one reached £2500 which seems a bit steep. Rumour has it that subsequent ones went for half that. They look quite nice but do seem to clutter up the promenade.

A good ride in mixed weather. 34 miles covered today

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