Sunday, 19 April 2015

Worlebury Wander 11

Going exploring today, looking for an old lighthouse or tower up on the hill north of Weston.  Lovely morning but that cold NE wind is persisting unfortunately.

 Sand Sculpture Exhibition

This is a regular feature now on Weston sea front. This King Kong head is at the entrance and is viewable from the prom. Ideal to tempt kids and folk of a nervous disposition in!  A bit of a taster supposedly.

Donkey Time

With the numbers of visitors increasing rapidly as the days get warmer and longer the poor old donkeys have been brought out again. A feature of Weston since the Victorian times, would not be surprised if the donkeys hate the summer!

The Observatory

Found it. A tough old climb up to this point on Worlebury Hill and getting there, could not get the tower and the bike in the same shot with encroaching into the garden. A bit cheeky that so took two shots. The plaque indicates that it was first a windmill, then an observatory and now a house.

The Tower

Built originally as a windmill in 1750, this building was converted to an observatory in 1876. It is now part of the private residence. It is a Grade 2 listed building but unable to find out what the tower is used for now.

Mission accomplished, despite getting a bit lost a few times. 11 miles today taking the total for the week to 119, the best so far this year.

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