Monday, 20 April 2015

Highbridge Hop 35

Lovely sunny day today. Shorts and T shirt on out down to the Somerset Levels aiming for Higbridge and Burnham on Sea.

Fly Tipping

The scourge of the British countryside. Went south past Bleadon and Rooksbridge. This mess was on the road towards Mark, such a lovely part of the Somerset Levels. The bike was not part of the rubbish I hasten to add.  Somersert Council have been informed by email about this and they are pretty good at a quick response.

Nesting Swans

Just a bit further on was a pair of swans nesting at the junction of two rhynes.  I was expecting a bit of a kerfuffle but they obviously thought me and the bike was no threat to them at all.  Looking forward to seeing the cygnets in the near future.

Carried on then through Highbridge and stopped in Burnham at the usual Bay View Cafe for a Kit Kat and a cup of tea. Finished up doing 35.5 miles the best of the year so far.

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