Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Old Gits Glide 24

It's Tuesday so must be Old Gits Day.  Good turn out again, 13 plus two poorly ones met us at Caffle's cafe later. A glorious morning cycling in the sunshine.

Cecil the Dude

First port of call at the meeting place was to nip round the corner to see what Cecil the Dude is up to. Looks like he has been misbehaving because he is in prison gear today. Either that or auditioning for a remake of Jailhouse Rock.

Katie's Field

Near the end of the section we cover on the Strawberry Line, there is a concessionary diversion through an apple orchard owned by the nearby Thatchers Cider Co. Tried to get the pelaton going through there but it got a bit fragmented. New Old Git George in the rear, the others shooting ahead.

Cherry Blossom

Turning onto the Puxton Road saw this cherry blossom. Makes a nice shot against the blue sky. Best take it now before the next high wind comes along.

New Bike Rack

The owners of Caffles Garden Centre and tea rooms have provided a bike rack for cyclists. Not just for the Old Gits as others use it as well. Had to wait till the others had got their bikes otherwise
mine would not have been in the shot.

A good ride today, 24 miles marred slightly by one of the bunch getting a rear wheel puncture.

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