Saturday, 11 April 2015

Windy Weston 5

Not going far today.  Wind is too strong and too cold, despite the nice sunshine. Besides, the old knee could do without too much strain at the moment. Needed to mend a puncture in the mountain bike first thing which was easy enough.  Quite a few surfers and kites out on the beach so will have a mooch around and see if anything is worth photographing.  

Kite Surfer
One brave lad preparing to go in and brave the cold sea. Hope his wet suit works OK. Can't help thinking that these surfers look like butterflies when they make their way down to the sea.

Sand Yachting

A bit further along the beach is a designated area for sand yachts.  You enter this stretch at your peril when these boys are charging up and down the beach. Certainly a good day for it today.

Yacht Club

Further still along the beach, near to Uphill is the Weston Yacht Club.  This is on the banks of the mouth of the River Axe which joins the sea at this point.

Sand Yacht Racing

Heading back, there was an actual race in progress so watched that for a few minutes. Quiet a speed was reached and the tight turns at either end of the course made it a little more interesting.

Just a gentle meander around the beach today. Just over 5 miles clocked up.

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