Monday, 13 April 2015

Burtle and Back 27

A nice Spring morning, sun is shining so head down towards the Somerset Levels. Out with the Weston Old Gits tomorrow so the plan is to take it fairly steady. Strapped up the left knee just in case.

 Bridge over the River Brue

This river from Glastonbury to Bridgewater runs through the Somerset Levels and I crossed it at this bridge west of Burtle.  Some patriotic folk live in the house nearby judging by the Union Jack. There is a lead plaque, seen to the rear of the bike with a rather sad legend on it. See below.

Albert E. Watts R.I.P

Cannot find out who this poor fellow was or how he met his demise. A lady in the house nearby could not help either. The widow and five kids who would have not been that old must have found life very tough back in 1898. The plaque is made of lead which, surprisingly, seems to have remained intact for the last 117 years.

Magnolia Tree

These trees have been imported into Britain and provide a lovely show at this time of year. This one was in Pill Road Mark.

This easy ride was tougher than I thought it was going to be! Ended up going at quite a lick and realised that I may do the ride in a much quicker average time than before. I ended up doing 27 miles at an average speed of 14.1 mph. Best time on a ride so far. Will just have to put up with sore legs tomorrow (and the strapping worked fine).


  1. I did research into Albert Watts for my A level Photography. Its seems he was leaving the pub, which is now a house and the building in the distance on your picture, and had upset someone who followed him and gave him what for. He was found on the bridge but died later of his injuries. He lived in the house with the flag. Very sad tale indeed.

    1. Thank you for that Anon (who are you?). I passed here a couple of days ago with a mate and we were talking about this.