Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Old Gits Gallop 24

Out with the Old Gits today and did the usual circuit. Weather a bit chillier than anticipated and shorts and thin layers was the wrong choice!

Cecil the Dude

Before meeting up with the Old Gits, took a small diversion to see if Cecil, the Dude in the Phonebox, had changed. Here he is, Voila!  Needed to check on his Facebook page as to what he actually is and can tell the world, it's Flash Gordon. Of course, can see it now.

Banwell Hill Rest Stop

It is a good 100ft+ climb from the main road to the top of Banwell Hill and that is an ideal place to regroup and have a breather. This part is definitely the biggest climb of our normal route.  Good turn out of Old Gits today.

Dorvic House

Another place where we stop and regroup is leaving the Strawberry Line on the Puxton Road at Sandford. We normally stop outside this house, and I have always been intrigued why the 'S' on the sign is back to front. Today, stopping to take a picture of the flowers, the occupier was in the garden and his explanation was that it has always been like that. He made the sign himself and decided to reverse the S just for the fun of it. Time it was replaced he said but that would be a shame after all this time.

Time for Tea

Usual stop at the Caffle's Garden Centre and Cafe.  Thanks to OG John for taking the picture.

The sun came out just as the ride finished. Typical. Still an enjoyable 24 miles though.

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