Thursday, 16 April 2015

Southam Saunter 23

In Leamington today visiting and taking the opportunity to have a ride out with a mate, Graham. After meeting at his house we cycled over to Southam, to the east of Leamington, to visit Andy an old friend, colleague and cycling buddy. Unfortunately, Andy is very poorly, and we spent an hour with him to give him our support. Thanks to Karen as well for the tea and fruit cake.

Road Safety

On the way over to Andy's, we had to cross over the Fosse Way at the Welsh Road junction. Most of the crossroads and junctions along the old Roman Road are notorious accident spots and these chequered boards have been erected at most of them to indicate to road users that there is a hazard ahead. They are quite effective as an accident prevention measure.

Man made mountain

About a month ago, the main Birmingham to London rail line was severely disrupted by a landslip at Harbury. Several weeks were spent repairing the line and the work is ongoing. This is one of several big mounds of soil that has been moved to be replaced with hardcore to prevent this happening again. I did try and get a photo of the actual site of the landslip and the ongoing work but was told by an over zealous security guard, "No pictures allowed"! Not sure why, it has been in all the media. Jobsworth. (For those reading this outside of the UK, this is the title of a person who's reason for inaction or a negative approach is to state, "It's more than my job is worth.)

The Polo Club

Leaving Andy, we cycled back to Leamington via Harbury and in doing so passed this prestigious Club.  Situated on the Leamington Road on 600 acres of the Stoneythorpe Estate, it boasts 6 polo pitches, wedding venues, a luxurious club house and future plans for a 200 bedroom 5* hotel. By the way, if you fancy watching a bit of polo at the weekend, entrance is free.

A good ride today with Graham 23 miles for me, Graham was going off to do a lot more.

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