Friday, 10 April 2015

Axbridge Axed - East Brent Enjoyed 15

Left home with the intention of going to Axbridge. Unfortunately, after a 11 day lay off, may have done too much yesterday as the left knee was starting to sing a little bit after about 5 miles so shortened the trip and went to East Brent instead. That way, stayed on the flat roads and avoided too much strain. Very pleasant afternoon indeed.

Shetland Ponies?

Well, some very small horses. Seen on the outskirts of East Brent.  No grass in their little paddock so its hay for tea for them. Not sure what these are, miniature horses? Shetlands? You tell me.

Bleadon Levels.

In the 1990s, Wessex Water built a sewerage plant on the Bleadon Levels, just south of Weston and part of the development included creating and managing a nature reserve nearby.  There was an open day event there this morning and Sue and I paid it a visit. Very informative. Have been past this place several times now and never knew it was there! 

 Bird Hide

This is one of two bird hides on the reserve, specially adapted for wheelchair users. Very thoughtful. There are otters and water vole on site so hoping to get a view of them at a later date.

A bit of an easy day, just over 15 miles, no sense in overdoing the knee joint.

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