Thursday, 9 April 2015

Burnham Bash - We're back! 26

After 10 days in Tunisia, back in the saddle today with a leisurely ride down to Burnham on Sea. Surprisingly, the weather here today is less windy and warmer than the last couple of our holidays! Went into Weston town first to call at the bank and was amazed how many holiday makers there are. The tail end of the Easter break no doubt.

Two wheels good! 

This is the best shot I had of riding on two wheels. There was an old rusty bike in the back of a Go-Kart shed and I did offer to hire it from the proprietor. He insisted that was only possible if the use was restricted to the hotel grounds. No good there then. Settled for a ride on the horse and cart (driven by a Brummie no less) down to another hotel nearby. Carmen and Sue enjoyed it anyway, the best part for me was haggling the price down from 5 to 4 dinars (£1.10).

Weston Las Vegas

The tackier side of Weston in my eyes. This little street is full of penny arcades and the like which attract all the kids from miles around.  If the machines state they are guaranteed to pay out 72%, that means if you put £100 in you will get £72 back. Durr!

St Bridgets Brean 

After cheese on toast and a cup of tea at Burnham, cycled back to Weston through Berrow and Brean. Like Weston, Brean was busy with holiday makers but none to get in the way of this little gem of a church on the coast road. The first record of a church was in the 6th century but this building dates to the 13th. In 1729 the tower was struck by lightning and the rebuild left it much shorter and "looking like a dovecote."  Strangely the floor of the church is much lower than the graveyard outside which is probably caused by the addition of sand blown off the beach nearby over the years.

Good to get back in the saddle on a warm and sunny spring day. Clocked just over 26 miles.

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